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Q: We are co-sleeping with our new infant (as we did for our now six-year-old).
But the elder child is exhibiting signs of jealousy now that he's graduated to a big boy bed in his own room. Any advice for mending his feelings?
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Q: Our understandably demanding new infant is keeping my toddler awake at night.
Any tips for ensuring shut eye for the entire family?
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Q: My new job requires a moderate amount of travel.
I'd love your tips on selecting the perfect sleep-over nanny for when I'm away on business!
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Q: I am a stay-at-home mom looking to start my own business online.
Any advice on staying focused while working from a home office?
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Q: I am in the midst of finalizing a divorce from my children’s father.
How soon should I wait -- for their sake & mine -- to reenter the dating world?
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Q: Are there any over the counter remedies you can recommend for our dog’s upset tummy?
How can we treat the occasional achey tummy at home, and what are the warning signs that merit a visit to our vet's office?
Last Reply: 5 days ago
Q: Do you endorse or recommend CrossFit?
It looks like a fun challenge...
Last Reply: 6 days ago
Q: Are there specific exercises pregnant women should/should not do?
Last Reply: 6 days ago
Q: Do you have any tips for finding time for workouts when juggling a busy life as a working mom?
I refuse to "let myself go", but scheduling is tight as it is! How can I find time to hit the gym?
Last Reply: 6 days ago
Q: I’m having so many problems losing my baby weight! Any tips? Please help!
I just gave birth to my first child. But now the weight is stubbornly staying on despite my increased workouts & calorie counting! Please help!
Last Reply: 6 days ago

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